This week Arizona Organics offers delicious ORGANIC HEIRLOOM TOMATOES.

It's tough to beat the flavor of a heirloom tomato. Heirlooms are prized for having

 an old-time taste -- they're a far cry from tomatoes at the grocery store. Heirloom

 tomatoes come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes -but the taste is always



 Avoid the time and stress associated with choosing and shopping for tonight’s dinner. Now Arizona Organics offers Organic Meal Kits.In our Meal Kits, you get all the whole organic ingredients plus the recipe card you

 need to prepare a fresh, healthy, delicious meal at home! Not only do Meal Kits help you decide what’s for dinner, they make shopping and cooking a snap. AND, Our Meal Kits start at only about $3-4 per 

serving!This week we offer French Onion Soup in a Bread Bowl.The kit includes everything you"ll need to

 cook a delicious french onion soup-

2 Sourdough Bread Bowls
1 Organic Vegetable Broth
2 Large Organic Onion
1 Bunch Organic Parsley

Recipe Card

 Arizona Organics offers fresh free -range farm organic local chicken,duck and quail eggs.

Farm Fresh eggs with a rich orange yolk whether Chicken eggs or Duck eggs will surprise you if you have only  

experienced the colorless and flavorless supermarket versions. Duck eggs provide a taste that is different

and tastier than chicken eggs according to most users. Everything that you do with a chicken egg can be done

 with a duck egg. That includes scrambling them, poaching and baking. In fact, most expert bakers report 

that using duck eggs makes their cakes rise higher and provides them with excellent taste due to their high 

protein and fat content.

Happy Valentine’s Month!

We are offering special Valentine’s 10 % discount off regular price on all organic produce boxes and other items starting 

January 31 through February 28.

Give a gift of health to your loved ones, friends, family members,or even yourself. Tell someone you Love them and you

 want them around for a Very Long Time by sending them one of our super-fresh delicious organic produce boxes. Add a
special message to your recipient if you wish.

Support the health of your loved ones through the holidays and beyond.

January's Juicing Recipe Competition: Immune Boost Juicing Recipe

Do you love juicing?Do you want to increase your energy and boost your immune power during the flu season? Enter our January competition to win lots of organic veg and fruit for January's recipe.
I've just made one of my favorite  juices-

6 carrots
1 apple
2 stalks of selery
handful of parsley
1 cucumber
2 cloves of garlic


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